PEFTEC - Abstract

Abstract Title: On-line measurement of the Biomethane energy, quality and odorization by one dedicated MicroGC
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Green Energy H2, Methane etc
Presenter Name: Ms Pauline GUERIN
Co-authors:Mr Christopher SAUER
Mr Ronan COZIC
Mr Gianluca STANI
Company/Organisation: SRA Instruments
Country: France

Abstract Information :

Biomethane is an important source of green and renewable energy. To allow injection of biomethane into the natural gas grid or the use as a vehicle fuel, it should meet the quality standards for natural gas.rnThe timely and accurate measurement of the biomethane energy is of fundamental importance for users and distributors. The MicroGC technology supply features ideal for fast and accurate on-line analysis of biomethane and calorific value measurements. Minor organic contaminants like hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, terpenes, ketones can be determined, as well biomethane odorization. As connection tool, an important role is played by the software architecture of the MicroGC system, it must be flexible and open to any specific installation requirement, like sampling switching, data communication and, at the same time, fully user accessible for data analysis management.rnThe R990 M MicroGC from SRA Instruments Company is just starting its metrology certification process by the LNE National Laboratory of Tests according to the international recommendation OIML R140:2007 OIML International Organization of Legal Metrology, this will ensure the reliability and the reproducibility of the results, but also the reliability and the safety of the conditions of use. The metrology certification will concern the energy measurement of biomethane as well as natural gas with hydrogen.rn