PEFTEC - Abstract

Abstract Title: Development of a Bench Scale Performance Test Method for Lubricating Oils to Evaluate the Wear and Extreme Pressure Properties of Lubes amp; Greases
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Other
Presenter Name: Dr Raj Shah
Co-authors:Mr Qingcheng Yu
Mr Blerim Gashi
Mr Stanley Zhang
Company/Organisation: Koehler Instrument Company, Inc.
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

In order to advance the industrial applications of lubricating oils, three parameters can be used to evaluate the friction and wear properties of lubricants. The coefficient of friction COF is a quantitative measurement of the lubricity between contact surfaces. Wear preventive WP characteristics refers to the ability to prevent progressive loss of material due to mechanical interaction between two contacting surfaces under load. WP additive works by reacting to deposit a protective barrier on the metal surface under extreme pressure. Extreme pressure EP additives are usually used at heavier loads, high temperatures, and low speeds to prevent catastrophic failure or device blockage. EP lubricating oil produces a sacrificial coating that is softer than the unprotected base metal. In reality, machinery operating under heavy loads, low speed, and high temperature conditions often require specially tailored lubricants and greases with exceptional anti-wear and EP properties to provide protection against adhesion and friction wear. The most common method of measuring lubricant properties is the four-ball wear test. Particularly, the Four Ball Wear and EP Tester K93170 is a reliable tool for assessing COF as well as WP and EP properties of lubricating oils. This instrument is designed as per ASTM standards to conduct tests that can be used as a tool for screening lubricating oils and narrowing down which gear oils should be further tested. The advantage of this instrument over the traditional dead weight loading technique is that the dynamic load control system with speed control can accurately control the load application and understand the Stribeck curve phenomenon. In this poster, we discuss how to use the Benchtop Four Ball Wear and EP Tester and general performance.rn