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CEM INDIA 2024 - Exhibitor - Theta Instruments

Theta Instruments design, develop and manufacture ultrasonic air flow sensors, multi-parameters weather sensors and industrial measuring instruments for environmental, hydrological, air quality and gas emission monitoring and detection.
Theta focus on sensor technology design and development based on a modular concept to meet new measuring requirements of our customers’ applications. With more than 10 years experiences in sensor technology, sensor design and development, and field applications, Theta is delighted to help our customers profit from our expertise in sensor technology.
Theta receives reputation and trust recognition from our customers for its sensors’ high accuracy, stability and durability in extreme weather and operational conditions.
Theta Instruments is headquartered in Shenzhen, China with global business reach in Asia, EU, USA and Russia.


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Products on Display at CEM INDIA

Ultrasonic Flowmeters Instrumentation 1. iMassFlow 200 Basic parameters Protection level IP65 Sense part of the material Titanium Probe quality 316SS, surface Teflon corrosion protection treatment Probe length 0.65 m, maximum support 1.6m Install the flue diameter ≥0.8 m Monitor hole diameter ≥80 mm Fixing flange Φ130 mm, can be customized Operating temperature -40 … +185 ℃ Working pressure -100 … +100 hPa Soot content ≤ 1 g/m³, depending on the measurement section and air temperature Modularized output signal 4 ... 20 mA Digital output signal RS-485,9600/8/n/1,Modbus-RTU Power supply 24… 30 VDC Technical parameters Flue gas flow rate principle Ultrasonic jet lag method Fan Wei 0 … 45 m/s resolution 0.1 m/s precision ± 2% or ± 0.2 m/s, whichever is greater. Echo time 10s 2. iMassFlow600 Basic parameters specification Degree of protection IP65 Installation flue diameter ≥ 0.8m Fixed flange size (Default) 4-14 mm bolt hole, distribution circle diameter 130 mm; It can be customized according to actual working conditions Monitor the bore inner diameter ≥ 80mm Operating ambient temperature -40 … +160℃ Work environment stress -0.5 … +16bar Analog output signal 4 ... 20mA or 1.... 5V (optional) Digital output signal RS-485, baud rate 9600 (standard). Power supply 12V DC Technical parameters Specification temperature: Measuring principle - thermocouple Measuring range 0 … 400℃ Accuracy ±2.5% Resolution 0.1℃ Pressure: Measuring principle - Piezoelectric type Measuring range -10 ...10Kpa (default, configurable). Accuracy ±2.5% Resolution 0.1pa flow rate: Measuring principle - ultrasonic Measuring range 0 … 45m/s Accuracy ±0.2m/s, flue gas flow velocity≤ 10m/s; 2%, flue gas flow velocity > 10m/s. Resolution 0.1m/s

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