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Techwin International Private Limited provides customized solutions in the field of thermal management. In 2017 we have diversified ourselves into manufacturing of Pre Insulated Tubing, Heat Traced Tubing or Tubing Bundles. The tubing bundles are available with copper, stainless, high alloy or fluoropolymer process tubing as well as a wide variety of insulation and jacket materials. Traced bundles incorporate steam tubing or electric heat trace with choice of self-regulating or constant wattage heating cables or MI cables etc. based upon application. Techwin's products are not limited to temperature maintenance application. The concept can also be deployed in applications that require water or another fluid to be kept above the specified temperature, even when there is no risk of freezing but requires freeze protection. Our CEMS and process analyser sample lines carry the samples and transport this liquid and gases which are susceptible to condensation, adsorption, reduction in viscosity, etc. by maintaining the desired temperature.


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