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CEM INDIA 2024 - Exhibitor - M&C TechGroup

M&C Techgroup is a group of Company that develops, manufactures and distributes gas sampling and condtioning equipment for industrial analytical solutions. Its extensive product range includes sample probes, heated lines, Gas Coolers, universal filters, sample pumps, Nox Convertors, Heated cabinets, compact gas conditioning systems and all accessories necessary for integration (flowmeters, liquid and low flow detectors, scrubbers, drains , valves ,etc), paramagnetic oxygen analysers. M&C has also developed a range of specific portable equipment for point measurements, mainly heated probes, heated lines and compact conditioning systems. Each M&C Product can be adapted to the specific requirements of our customer's industry process thus offering tailored solutions to solve almost any gas measurement task. Thus M&C Products are used in almost every industry worldwide , providing a significant contribution to complying with emission regulations and facing new challenges in pollution control. Your are very welcome to visit M&C Techgroup on stand 64 at the CEM India . The team there will be happy to learn about your requirements in your measurement and monitoring process and to offer your tailor made solutions. We are looking forward to welcome you.



Products on Display at CEM INDIA

SP190- H/Dil SP180-H with accessories filters prefilter pumps liquid alarm detector & controller bellow paramagnetic O2 Cell

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