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CEM INDIA 2024 - Exhibitor - Forbes Marshall

Energising Businesses and Communities Worldwide
Forbes Marshall is a leading provider of energy conservation and automation solutions for the process industry. For over 75 years, we have been providing innovative solutions to help businesses improve their process and energy efficiency and be more environmentally responsible. We specialise in products and services for steam efficiency, process optimisation, and control and monitoring. Using our knowledge and expertise, we provide digital offerings that go beyond connectivity and help measure, analyse and sustain key performance indicators for our customers' businesses.

Ensuring Process and Energy Efficiency
Forbes Marshall helps customers build and sustain highly efficient plants by reducing waste, optimising process and energy efficiency, and complying with regulatory requirements. We work closely with businesses to build practical, long-term solutions to make their manufacturing practices more sustainable and environmentally responsible. On average, our customers save around 1.5% of their annual fuel bill each year, and their plants operate at 95% uptime. Over time, this cumulatively adds up to major savings. We also help reduce around 2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, and save close to 10 million litres of water per hour. Deep knowledge of processes over a wide range of sectors helps us constantly develop new products and services. A large Research & Development team is invested in innovating for the future needs of Industry. Through these research based innovations we continue to enhance the experience offered to our customers. We deliver from six benchmark manufacturing facilities located across India, the UK and Singapore. We have also partnered with technology leaders and pioneers in Belgium, Germany and Japan.

A Multinational with Indian Roots
Forbes Marshall is a multinational with Indian roots. With offices in 18 countries, and installations in 28, we have a diverse market reach and strong global presence. Our 1800 member team, a mix of 20 nationalities, addresses the needs of customers worldwide.

Beyond Business
We care about our communities as much as we care about our customers’ businesses. Our initiatives include improved healthcare, access to education, women empowerment, and livelihood programmes. We are a part of the Social Compact initiative to build resilience in the social sector.


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Products on Display at CEM INDIA

1. Dust monitor DCEM 2100A
2. Tribo dust monitor ENERGY TECH 301
3. Closed coupled extractive multi gas analyser FMGCEM40E
4. Insitu multi gas analyser FMGCEM40xx
5. Insitu Non-contact Gas Flow Monitor VCEM 5100
6. Wet gas dust monitor FMDCEM 3100A

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