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CEM INDIA 2024 - Exhibitor - Aaxis Nano Technologies Pvt Ltd

Aaxis Nano Technologies Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 and TUV NORD-certified organization founded in the year 2000 that provide turnkey solutions in various areas such as Online Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (OCEMS), Effluent Quality Monitoring Systems (EQMS), Air Quality Monitoring Systems (AQMS), Water Quality Monitoring Solutions, Industrial Automation (Batch Automation, Process Automation, Wall Automation), Instrumentation & Process Control, and Real-Time Data Acquisition and Monitoring. The company’s product portfolio includes a wide range of Flowmeters – (Electromagnetic, Mass, Open Channel, Ultrasonic, Turbine, Velocity, Magnetic Flowmeters), Control Valves, Groundwater level Recorders and sensors, Water Quality Sondes, Heavy Metal Water Quality Analyzers, EQMS Analyzers, Data Loggers, Gas Transmitters & Detectors, Snow Detection Analyzers, and many more. Aaxis Nano Technologies boasts a team of automation engineers, designers, quality assurance professionals, and IT consultants who collaborate to create customized solutions for their clients. They take a comprehensive approach, from analysis and design to development, factory acceptance testing, and commissioning of their solutions. Our solutions aim to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and help businesses achieve their goals while maintaining a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.


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