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CEM INDIA 2019 - Exhibitor - LKS (M) Sdn Bhd

LKS (M) SDN BHD is a Malaysian based company incorporated in earlier 1990. It is today a growing engineering company specializing in Instrumentation & Valve, Continuous Emission Monitoring System, Online Effluent Monitoring System, Dust Analyzer System, Total Boiler Control System, Auto Sterilizer Control System, Biogas Safety Cut-off System, Biogas Analyzer System, Tank Gauging System, Plant-Wide Monitoring System, Water Treatment Control System, Gas Analyzer Monitoring System, Telemetry Control System, Industrial Automation System.

Today, we has successfully completed significant numbers of project in Palm Oil Mill, Sawmill, Oil & Gas Plant, Cement Plant, Refinery Plant, Water Work Industries, Sewerage Plant, and Steel Industries.

We have good supporting teams of engineering professionals with combined experiences to bring real solutions to real problems for your business and engineering success. Tomorrow, you can still count on us to be working with you.



Products on Display at CEM INDIA

We produce the following for safeguard our future
LKS has been producing the NDIR Technology for gas analyzer, Opacity Dust analyzer, Water Analyzer and Remote monitoring system. Today LKS group has more product in assemble line with more technology as below
1. Dust & Opacity Monitor with Double Pass Principle
2. Dust Monitor with Back Scatter Light Technology
3. Dust Monitor with Tribo-electric Static charge Technologies
4. Dust Monitor with Extractive Technologies for wet dust
5. Dust Monitor with Laser Technologies for Priling Tower Application
6. Dust Monitor with Single pass Technologies for economical industries
7. Gas Analyzer SO2, NO, CO, CH4 with NDIR Technology
8. Gas Analyzer VOC and Non Methane VOC with FID Technology
9. Gas Analyzer Hg with Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
10. Gas Analyzer for Low Concentration SO2, NO2, HF, HCl, NH3, CH4, with UV DOAS Technology
11. Gas Analyzer Major Parameter with Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy FTIR Technology.
12. Gas Analyzer CO,CO2,H2O,HCl,HF,NH3,CH4 and O2 with Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy Technology TDLAS
13. Gas Analyzer O2 with Zirconia and Electrochimical
14. Water analyzer pH, DO, Conductivity, MLSS, TSS, Turbidity, NH3, FL, ORP, COD, BOD,
15. Water Analyzer in Heavy Metal is NH3-N, P, N2, COD, BOD, UV, NO3, Col, Tub, TSS, Color, Heavy Metal like Cd, Ld, Zn, Cp, Hg, Ar, Ion, Cn,
16. VOC Station leak monitoring with PID technologies
17. AIOT Remote Monitoring with system diagnosis, Mobile Apps and cloud storage with remove calibration feature
18. Data Acquisition system with PC based monitoring
19. Boiler combustion control to save flue and reduce pollution system

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