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CEM INDIA 2019 - Exhibitor - KNF Pumps + Systems (India)

KNF develops, produces and distributes high-quality diaphragm pumps and systems for gases, vapors and liquids. They are available as built-in pumps for OEM use as well as for process applications and laboratory use. The independent KNF Group comprises 15 companies and five production sites worldwide. With an extensive product portfolio of application-specific pumps and systems, KNF has been a technology leader for decades. Countless customers across the globe rely on KNF to supply durable, reliable products for a wide range of diverse applications. KNF gas pumps transfer and compress gases and vapors and generate vacuums, while KNF liquid pumps transfer and meter both neutral and aggressive liquids without contaminating the media.


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Products on Display at CEM INDIA

Diaphragm Gas pumps for sampling application, CCOE certified Ex-proof sampling gas pumps. Mini and Micro gas pumps for portable monitoring systems. Liquid pumps.

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