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CEM INDIA 2019 - Exhibitor - Gasmet Technologies (Asia) Ltd.

GASMET Technologies (Asia) Ltd. is a Finnish high-tech company established since 1990, headquarter in Helsinki, Finland. We develop, manufacture and market a complete portfolio of high quality FTIR gas analyzers and accessories for commercial and industrial users worldwide. We have a comprehensive network of distributors in 67 countries and representatives that cover all continents. We are bright to design and manufacture customized systems for specific applications.

Our product lines mainly include Gasmet FTIR portable ambient gas analyzers, Gasmet CEMS (On-Site, On-Line and In-Lab) and Gasmet CMM (Mercury analyzer) for simultaneous and continuous measurement of both organic and inorganic compounds, as well as hot, wet and corrosive gas streams analysis in stack.

Gasmet Technologies Oy has certified its Quality Management System according to ISO9001. Gasmet products have received TUV (13, 17 BlmSchV) and MCERTS certificates. Our products are also compliant with US. EPA Performance Specification 15 and EN14181.


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Products on Display at CEM INDIA

Gasmet DX4000 Portable FTIR emissions monitoring system
Gasmet DX4040 Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer

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