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CEM INDIA 2019 - Exhibitor - Durag India

DURAG GROUP is group of Companies active in the fields of Combustion Control & Environmental Monitoring with presence around the World with Head Office in Hamburg, Germany. DURAG GROUP consists of Durag GmbH, Hegwein GmbH, GRIMM & Durag Data Systems located in Germany, AP2E located in France, Smitsvonk located in Netherlands and Durag-Siena located in Brazil, in addition to Subsidiaries and Branch Offices in many countries.

In countries where not present directly, DURAG is represented by wide Distributor Network.

DURAG INDIA Instrumentation Private Limited, Bengaluru, incorporated in 2006, is a wholly owned subsidiary of DURAG in India. DURAG has more than 5000 combustion control instruments and 2000 emission monitoring instruments installed in Power and various process industries in India.


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