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Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is a non-governmental, independent policy research institution based in Delhi that was started in 1981 by the late Anil Agarwal, a leading figure in India's environment movement.

For more than three decades now, CSE has helped shape policies and build public awareness to bring change in areas of pollution mitigation and public health security, low carbon development, natural resource management and livelihood security to make growth sustainable and inclusive.

CSE's public advocacy and research efforts have delivered important results from championing equity in climate change negotiations, to supporting public transport and sustainable mobility practices in cities, and mobilizing the country through a water literacy programme that catalyzed important policy changes on decentralized water and wastewater management. CSE programmes have achieved important public health outcomes by strengthening regulatory oversight in the use of pesticides and heavy metals, while its innovative industry ratings programme that certifies environment performance, serves as an alternative model of civil society governance to control industrial pollution and resource efficiency in India.

Today, CSE is well recognized for its path-breaking role in capacitating public institutions and regulatory agencies, while its environmental education efforts across a network of 7500 schools helps build a cadre of knowledgeable, committed environmental actors.

CSE's brand of knowledge-based advocacy has won it wide respect for its campaigns, research and publications and it is regarded as among India's most influential environmental NGOs. Prestigious national and international awards include the 2005 Stockholm Water Prize and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Water Award in 2008. The annual Global Go To Think Tank Index of the University of Pennsylvania in the US ranked CSE as among the most influential environmental think tanks in the developing world in 2015.


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