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CEM India 2017 - Pollution SRL

Company: Pollution SRL
Stand No:  41
Website: www.pollution.it/lang/eng
Address: via Guizzardi 52
Country:  Italy
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Company Profile
POLLUTION is an experienced designer and manufacturer of analytical instruments for the on-site chemical analysis of volatile compounds. Since 1991 POLLUTION is a leader in microGC and emissions FID technologies. Markets served: Environmental, Energy&Process (natural gas, petrochemical), Health&Safety. POLLUTION’s young and highly motivated team, on top of providing continuous innovation, works projected towards customer needs and satisfaction.

POLLUTION proudly has a modern R&D facility with people focused on high technology and innovative analytical instruments design. Drives successful partnerships with universities and research centers in Italy and worldwide. Is involved in co-financed (European & national funds) research projects with his partners. Produces his own instrumentation at Bologna location, in the heart of the most advanced Italian technological district.

A highly experienced team of specialists and technicians is able to support customers requests for technical and application needs. POLLUTION is able to provide: Installations of analytical systems and equipment; Training courses; Technical assistance and service of every provided instrument; Preventive maintenance and full-risk contracts, calibration services; On-site environmental analysis and remotely controlled continuous monitoring.

The Quality of the products and service is of capital importance for POLLUTION. This process of continuous improvement is determined by our focalization on the client’s needs, our attention to detail, and the systematic verifications of the activities.

POLLUTION is quality certified in reference to ISO9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO13485:2012, for design, manufacture and sale of analytical systems and medical devices.
Products on Display at CEM India
POLARIS FID, Portable TOC Analyser for Stack Emissions - Lightweight, Compact, Ergonomic, Safe.

POLARIS FID is an on-site portable TOC Analyser for Stack Emissions in compliance with EN12619, EN13526 and EPA METHOD 25A. It is TÃœV Rheinald certified. It is a fully portable instrument because it incorporates everything needed for the analysis.
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