CEM India 2019

CEM India 2017 - Environnement S.A Group

Company: Environnement S.A Group
Stand No:  9 & 10
Website: www.environnement-sa.com
Address: 101 BD Robespierre - CS80004
Poissy CEDEX 4
Country:  France
Represented Companies on this stand PCME Ltd SWR Engineering iseo Cairpol Environnement S.A Deutschland Environnement India Pv Ltd.
Company Profile
Environnement S.A together with its subsidiaries PCME Ltd, SWR Engineering and Cairpol, as leading manufacturers of complete continuous air pollution, in-stack emissions measurement systems, monitoring solutions for process optimization as well as related data acquisition and processing software look forward to participating at CEM India 2017.

The Group is strongly represented worldwide and in the Indian market as well, its subsidiary Environnement S.A India being established in 2008 for the full benefit of valuable customers to provide advanced services, direct customer contact, optimum cost effective solutions and custom-tailored expertise. With nearly 200 employees today, Environnement SA India’s strength lies in the realization of complex projects, the optimization of the economic resources, the ability to experience and adopt best techniques in compliance with safety and environmental policies and offer the largest service network which offers around the clock reliability and performance.

The Company’s technological advancements in the field of air pollution monitoring and the development of environment-friendly gas and particulate PM 2.5 and PM 10 monitors, are perfectly addressing Indian Government supportive measures and regulations to curb air pollution.

Furthermore, through its continuous stack emissions monitoring being installed in number of industries across the territory such as: chemical & petrochemical industries, cement plants, metal & paper mills, etc., Environnement S.A assists their effort to come closer to compliance and meet pollution reduction goals.

Don't miss our conferences with topics of great interest to CEM India visitors: PM CEMS selection for the Indian 17 Industries Program and Beyond Gas CEMS in Indian regulatory framework: Guidelines for Technologies & Selection Criteria Mercury Monitoring by Sorbent Trap Monitoring Systems - A cost efficient alternative to Hg-CEMs, even in the range of 1 µg/Nm3
Products on Display at CEM India
Booths 9&10 the Group will be demonstrating continuous in-stack gas and particulate emission monitors such as new QAL 360 Backscatter PM CEM (QAL 1 certified), Dust Alarm 40 Continuous Filter Performance Monitor. Also on display will be the latest range of TDLAS cross stack gas monitors LAS 300 XD for NH3, HCl, HF, O2, CO low and high concentrations, velocity monitors - the Stackflow 200 and Stackflow 400 - together with powder flow instruments from sister company, SWR Engineering.
Also in Product Categories
  • Manual Sampling - Particulate
  • Manual Sampling - Mercury
  • Manual Sampling - VOC speciation
  • CEMs - Particulate
  • CEMs - Flow
  • CEMs - Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx)
  • CEMs - Nitrogen Oxide (NO)
  • CEMs - Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
  • CEMs - Nitrous Oxide (N20)
  • CEMs - Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)
  • CEMs - Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • CEMs - Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • CEMs - Oxygen (O2)
  • CEMs - Mercury
  • CEMs - Dioxins
  • CEMs - HCl/HF
  • CEMs - TOC
  • CEMs - VOC speciation
  • CEMs - Portable Landfill Gas Analysers
  • CEMs - Surface Emission Monitoring
  • CEMs - Data Acquisition, transfer, analysis, reporting
  • CEMs - Handling Software (DAHS)
  • CEMs - Environmental reporting
  • Gas Sampling & Conditioning - Probes
  • Gas Sampling & Conditioning - Heated sample transfer lines
  • Gas Sampling & Conditioning - Sample conditioning systems
  • Odour Monitoring / Consulting