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Company: Analyser Instruments Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Stand No:  43
Website: www.aicplindia.com
Address: E-29 (A), Road NO.2, I.P. Industrial Area
Country:  India
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Company Profile
We are one of the largest CEM System manufacturers using analysers from M/s Fuji, Japan & M/s Ecotech, Australia, with orders of 200 CEM Systems recently executed by our company in India. We are providing excellent Systems for Process, Emission and Environment monitoring.

We offer Hot Extractive CEM System using Fuji, Japan Gas Analysers and Dilution Extractive CEM System using Ecotech, Australia Gas Analysers. We have close technical cooperation with these companies to provide you high quality CEM systems using their technology.

Some of the Jobs recently executed by us are as follows:

1) Refinery Plants
IOCL Mathura - Dilution Extractive CEMS -27 Sets for CO / NOx / SPM Monitoring
IOCL Panipat - Dilution Extractive CEMS -3 Sets for NOx Monitoring
IOCL Haldia - Dilution Extractive CEMS for CO & PM - 24 Sets
IOCL Guwahati - Dilution Extractive CEMS for CO, SO2, NOx & PM - 11 Sets

2) Cement Plants
Shree Cements (8 Plants) - Hot Extractive CEMS -15 Sets for SO2, NOx, CO2& O2 monitoring
Mangalam Cements - Hot Extractive CEMS -2 Sets for SO2, NOx, COmonitoring

3) Power Plants
NTPC (15 Plants) - Hot Extractive CEMS -69 Sets for CO, CO2, SO2 and NOx Monitoring
SAIL, Durgapur-Hot Extractive CEMS SO2, NOx & PM - 11 Sets and Effluent Monitoring System - 3 Sets.
NSPCL (NTPC - SAIL Joint Venture) - Hot Extractive CEMS -12 Sets for CO, CO2, SO2 & NOx monitoring
PANIPAT TPS - 4 CEM Systems for SO2/NOx/CO PM and Effluent Monitoring
Hot Extractive CEMS are commissioned recently at APGENCO, TSGENCO, TANGEDCO & NCTPS

4) Fertilizer Plants
NFL Panipat - CEMS & Effluent Monitoring
IFFCO Paradeep

5) Other Plants/Customers
NTPC Auraiya for CO, SO2& NOx Monitoring

We have Services Centres at five locations across India in all directions viz. at Durgapur, Guwahati Ramagundam, Panipat and Vindhyachal. Services of our officials from these centres are available all the time at very short notice. We have a team of 20 service engineers to provide prompt on site service support including AMC.

We have more than 40 years experience & expertise in the field of Gas & Water Analysers & Systems.

We have team of 50 people and a state of the art manufacturing, testing and service facility at Kota, Rajasthan in a very spacious area of 26000 sq ft.

We have supplied more than 800 Analysers & Systems in last more than 10 years.

We offer TUV approved Analysers& Systems fully compliant to CPCB guidelines.

We envisage/ provide data transfer of our CEM Systems to CPCB and SPCB Servers.

Our customers trust us for :
Excellent Quality of Gas Analysis Systems offered in technical cooperation with our Foreign collaborators.
Best after sales service due to our expert knowledge and understanding of analysis systems business based on more than four decades of experience of our Managing Director Dr. Satyendra Kumar Gupta.
Very competitive prices both on capital cost and on cost of long

We shall be glad to provide you further information and we look forward to receive your enquiries.
Thanking you and assuring you of our best services at all times,
Yours faithfully,
For Analyser Instrument Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Sanjeev K. Gupta
E-mail : aicplindia@gmail.com
Products on Display at CEM India
Dilution Extractive CEMS & Hot Extractive CEMS,
Dust / SPM Analysers, SWAS Analysers
Effluent Monitoring Systems
Process Analyser Systems
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