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Abstract Title: Water Quality Monitoring using Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT)
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Calibration and Quality Control
Presenter Name: Ms Zalak Bhavsar
Co-authors:Mr Mit Kotecha
Company/Organisation: M. G. Science Institute & SAC-ISRO
Country: India

Abstract Information :

Water is the most precious constituent for all living organisms over the globe. There is only 2.5% of fresh water resources available in the world as per United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP). Human induced activities causes contamination of water which results in jeopardizing our health. So, it is essential to monitor the water pollution to take prevention measures which may reduce its detrimental effects on living beings. This study is about simulating quality and quantity of surface and ground water of Khari river watershed in Kutch district using SWAT model. The water quality parameters assessed including nitrate, organic nitrogen, organic phosphorus, dissolved oxygen etc. The simulation of SWAT model generates summary and report values for the above mentioned water quality parameters. Then observed values has been compared with the standard values of water quality parameters to monitor water pollution. The result may further useful to mitigate water pollution by proposing action plans and policies.