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Abstract Title: Source apportionment study of south west Ahmedabad by Receptor Modelling Approach
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Monitoring Techniques: Particulate
Presenter Name: Prof Umangi Mehta
Company/Organisation: Nirma University
Country: India

Abstract Information :

With growing urbanization, environmental problems like disposal of municipal solid waste and subsequent unregulated water, soil and air pollution surrounding landfill sites are posing threat to human and environmental health. Ahmedabad is one of the most polluted cities in India and unregulated burning of municipal waste across city is further aggravating the already deplorable situation caused of presence of large number of industries and vehicle fleet. The growing problem requires topin point the sources of pollution for initiating corrective measures. This present work was carried out for the source apportionment study to understand the sources of air pollution surrounding landfill area of Pirana site, a municipal solid waste dumping site. For the study, surrounding area of the said landfill sites was divided into almost 100 grids (~ 500 m x 500 m). PM2.5 samples from each grid were collected on quartz filter (35mmø; Whatman) using portable sampler (APM 801; Envirotech insts.) which were then analysed form metal using Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (PinAAcle 900T, Perkin Elmer). The data so acquired was used for receptor modelling using positive matrix factorization (EPA PMF 5.0) model. The results were used to infer the percentage contribution of different emission sources and concentration of different heavy metals present in the study area. Interesting results will be present in the symposium.