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Abstract Title: Real-time data collection, handling, interpretation and utilisation with Online remote calibration check facility
Session Choice: Data Management
Presenter Name: Mr Ashutosha Sarangi
Company/Organisation: Phoenix Robotix Private Limited
Country: India

Abstract Information :

A unified platform to monitor industrial emission, effluent and ambient air quality. IoT Device provides an easy way of data acquisition at times where the industry might have to deal with multiple analysers from various manufactures supporting different protocols. Capturing the data, processing in real-time and making them available across all major desktop and mobile platforms has become simple with our DATOMSĀ® IoT platform. Remote calibration feature includes zero and span calibration of different gaseous pollutants such as NOX, SO2, CO etc. The calibration request can be initiated remotely through CPCB portal, the request will then be conveyed to our data transmitting device TraDe, which then will initiate the calibration process with the help of industrial digital computers such as PLC. Get comprehensive insite of changing air quality over time. Evaluate the effectiveness of pollution control strategies. Powerful data insight in form of charts, graphs and maps. Standardize user management increasing accountability. Generate customized reports whenever and however required. Instant alerts for taking quick actions. Ensure air pollution compliance can met. Solution for tamper proof machine like when some body opens the system , During maintenance ,Range Change everything will record at regulatory end as a history with different color coding