CEM India 2019

CEM India - Abstract

Abstract Title: Quality Assurance of CEMS – The EU and US approach
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Continuous Emission Monitoring
Presenter Name: Mr william averdieck
Co-authors:Mr Dave Curtis
Company/Organisation: Source Testing Association (STA)
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Legislation in The UK and EU countries requires the installation and use of CEMS on many industrial emission stacks to support the enforcement of Emission Limit values (ELV) and to encourage process operators to minimise the emissions from pollution abatement equipment. In these developed markets, product certification schemes, MCERTS and TUV are used to signpost to plant operators the quality of the CEMs s that are fit for purpose and can meet these requirements. In the US, meanwhile where there are similar requirements for CEMS on major sources, onerous requirements on Plant Operators on the calibration and site approval on a CEM are used instead of product certification schemes. Are these approaches incompatible or just different ways of getting at the same objective of appropriate CEMs, calibrated and working correctly in a particular process?

This paper gives an overview of the different approaches to quality Assurance of CEMs in US and UK and EU, with reference to the growing need in India for cost effective, working and accurate CEMs. It will highlight the critical parts of maintaining quality Assurance of CEMS.