CEM India 2019

CEM India - Abstract

Abstract Title: Lessons learnt in leveraging Advanced Software Techniques for understanding Data Quality and Data Management of CEMS data for Effective Pollution Control
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Data Management
Presenter Name: Mr Sudheesh Narayanan
Company/Organisation: Knowledge Lens Pvt. Ltd
Country: India

Abstract Information :

With our rich experience working with various CEMS technology across the India territories we look at some of the typical data management challenges for effective CEMS implementation. We also explore how an effective data management strategy deployed can provide benefits from CEMS implementation in the country.

Software Techniques involving Pattern Mining, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning and Geo-spatial Analysis provide deep insights on the CEMS data collected from various industries. In this presentation, we will also explore the various techniques that are effective deployed for understanding Data Quality Issues in CEMS monitoring. We also present some of the best practices that can be leveraged from a Regulator perspective to have deep insights on the quality of the CEMS instruments and the effectiveness of various measurement techniques used in CEMS monitoring using pure software data analytics techniques.

We also explore various techniques that can be deployed in correlating source emissions with the impact on Ambient air quality and how using Software techniques we could establish concreate evidence of source emissions.

We conclude with certain software trends and how the technology shift in CEMS monitoring is the need of the hour to ensure effective implementation. We focus on Data Quality, Data Management and the role of IoT, Data Science and Advanced Analytics in CEMS monitoring.