CEM India 2019

CEM India - Abstract

Abstract Title: Impact of CEMS concept on Indian industries; Effective Data Management and Uses.
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Data Management
Presenter Name: Ms Prasputita Nanda
Co-authors:Dr Vimal Poswal
Company/Organisation: Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board
Country: India

Abstract Information :

The concept of self monitoring is not new and has been in practice globally from the past few years. In order to implement effective self monitoring in the Indian perspective, the Indian Pollution Control agencies have directed the 17 categories of highly polluting industries to install Continuous Emission/ Effluent Quality monitoring system. Due to rapid industrialization, the need to strengthen self regulation of industries increases which also minimizes inspection of these industries on regular basis. Prior to this implementation, reduction of pollution for any industries was not the prime focus, but after installation of Continuous Emission/ Effluent Quality monitoring system, the industries are becoming more compliant.

CEMS/CEQMS generates huge amount of continuous data which is important for decision making, designing better pollution control measures, reduction of non-compliance of industries, reducing overall pollution load.

Understanding stakeholder responsibility is also very important in implementing CEMS. The key responsibility of the regulators lies in ensuring high quality and reliable data transmission to the State Pollution Control Boards.

This paper highlights impact of installation of Continuous Emission/ Effluent Quality monitoring system in industries; effective methodology of use of the data being generated through it and the various uses of this data.