CEM India 2019

CEM India - Abstract

Abstract Title: Effect of Vehicle Age and Mileage on CO and HC Emissions from Tailpipe Exhaust
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Indian Regulations
Presenter Name: Mr Abhinav Pandey
Co-authors:Dr Govind Pandey
Dr Rajeev Kumar Mishra
Company/Organisation: EDRC - L&T Construction; Delhi Technological University
Country: India

Abstract Information :

Overwhelmed by enormously growing petrol-driven cars in the fleet of privately-owned passenger vehicles in India, a case study of different models of petrol-driven passenger cars was taken up and the tailpipe emissions along with individual vehicle-related parameters were monitored for idle and fast idle test conditions. During the study, different models of petrol-driven passenger cars were investigated and after analyzing the data, two vehicle parameters i. e., vehicle age and vehicle mileage were found to be the most crucial ones and showed fairly good correlation with CO and HC emissions from tailpipe exhaust and when compared to in-use concurrent Indian emission norms, exhibited different failure rates. A systematic review of the pertinent emission equations of entire data range and different models of the cars in-question along with compliance of standards with respect to vehicle age and vehicle mileage can be used for predicting CO and HC emissions of the vehicles in order of vehicle age and vehicle mileage.