CEM India 2019

CEM India - Abstract

Abstract Title: Data quality of Dust Monitoring CEMS - a Case Study in India
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Industry Case Studies
Presenter Name: Mr ABHIJIT PATHAK
Country: India

Abstract Information :

With the direction to the Industries for installation of continuous emission monitoring system in India, the paradigm shift from manual to real time monitoring regime is created. The selection, installation of CEMS is rather a decision of the industry governed by affordability but the operation and maintenance practices have more implication on data generation, authentication and transmission. As the CEMS data is being uploaded in website directly, the checking of data for accuracy is of utmost importance as both the visual emission and monitored emission are open to public domain in a transparent manner. The present work is a case study on an internationally reputed dust monitor (Opacity) installed in an industry and route-cause analysis of inaccurate data generation by apparently well maintained CEM system.