CEM India 2019

CEM India - Abstract

Abstract Title: An overview of PM monitoring technology and the importance of accurate calibration using isokinetic sampling equipment
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Monitoring Techniques: Particulate
Presenter Name: Mr Mick Zulpo
Company/Organisation: Apex Instruments
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

Since the inception of continuous particulate monitoring in Europe during the 1960's, continuous PM monitoring technology has continued to develop and has now reached a point where there are 5 widely accepted technologies for monitoring PM emission on a continuous basis. These technologies are a critical tool for compiling statistical data on PM emissions to assist governments and interested parties to improve the quality of their citizens health through reduction of emissions. These devises however are only useful if accurate data is being collected from them. The importance of regular calibration and auditing of these devices is sometimes over looked. Without quality data, important decisions cannot be made to improve environmental quality and manage industry.

This presentation will briefly outline each technology currently available for continuous PM monitoring, then discuss the importance of accurate calibration of these instruments against traditional manual gravimetric technologies (isokinetic sampling methods). Particular reference to US EPA Performance Specification 11 will be made for the purposes of outlining calibration and audit requirements for these continuous PM monitoring technologies.