CEM Middle East CEM Middle East

CEM conference is excellent for meeting with all the suppliers in the related market. Appreciated to the organizer for providing the on-site support.

Terry Lam, Gasmet Technologies (Asia) Ltd.

CEM is a great event because you get to network with people from your industry and also put names to faces... 

Joel Menezes, Envea

CEM gives you the opportunity to know a lot of new things that are working in the Emission Monitoring sector. It's very interesting to update the know-how.

Sònia Torruella, linde gas españa

CEM allows companies from a niche but extremely important industry to exchange points of view and explore solutions effectively.

Sergi Udina, Udina

CEM is a unique event both for its topic focused on emissions monitoring and for its format mixing conferences and exhibition. This allows both the audience (our partners and customers) to keep up to date with the latest technological and regulatory developments and the exhibitors like Fuji Electric to show their know-how as well as survey the present and future needs of their stakeholders.

Vincent MECKLER, Fuji Electric France

CEM is an excellent opportunity for suppliers to meet international high-level customers and engage with them face to face.

Stefano Alberti, Dado lab Srl

CEM is a great event because the visitors are all focused on Emission Monitoring

Douence Marine, CDL-TECORA

CEM is obviously THE exhibition to participate in when it comes to emission monitoring. We experience that a lot of visitors and delegates to the fair show great interest in our analysers.

Francisco Montojo, Siemens S.A.

CEM is one of the best events we attend because of the technical content of the presentations and the overall organization of the conference.

Robert Baxter, B3 Systems, Inc.

CEM was an overall successful event for us, because we were able to connect with a large number of our customers and meet potential new customers. It is a great event for networking purposes.

Sven Schmidt, nanoplus Nanosystems and Technologies GmbH

Compared with much more bigger shows, the CEM is really an event you need to go! Very familiar, excellent contacts. We will come again.

Marc Nodorft, DEUS Pollutrack

Gasmet is an emissions monitoring company and CEM is an emissions monitoring conference - we would not miss it

Jyrki Korpela, Gasmet Technologies Oy

Makes is possible for people from different perspectives to meet, from manufacturers to plants to regulatory agencies. All in one place!

Richard Münchmeyer, OPSIS

The CEM conference was excellent as most of the CEM industry from EU was gathered in one place.

Troels Moestrup, Olicem

The CEM event is the place to go to for everything to do with emissions monitoring!

Andre Daubinet, HORIBA Europe GmbH

The CEM is a great event because it has a high standard for the lectures and the content, and the fair gives the opportunity to discuss what you have heard from the lectures with exhibitors.

Lars Fiß, SK-Elektronik GmbH

We exhibit at CEM because this is THE EVENT where suppliers and customers from all over the world are coming together when their business is related to CEMS and gas analysis.

Gerhard Rosspeintner, HORIBA

Well organised event .

Paul O'Brien, Protea LTD