Industrial Methane Measurement Conference Programme 2017

PEFTEC 2017 Day1
Industrial Methane Measurement Conference Programme - Day1
Room Time Title Speaker Company Country
2 09:30-09:50 Opening keynote: Scene setting with global perspective on needs and drivers Baroness Worthington Environmental Defense Fund United Kingdom
Session 1: Current understanding and regulation (Chair: Rod Robinson)
2 09:50 Methane Regulatory Case Study Ian Kuwahara Alberta Energy Regulator Canada
2   Using Observations to Understand Regional Methane Budgets Prof Neil Harris Cranfield University United Kingdom
2   Role of shale production in the recent rise in atmospheric methane Prof Nick Cowern NC Tech Insight Ltd United Kingdom
2   Best practice presentation of European (including Russian) examples for GHG emissions of the natural gas supply chain Dr Konstantin Romanov PAO Gazprom Russian Federation
211:00-11:30Coffee and Exhibition (11:00-11:30)
2 11:30 Short duration, high precision methane flux measurements; Implications for annual CH4 emission reporting and CH4 mitigation strategies Dr Hugo Denier van der Gon TNO Netherlands
2   Characterising the distribution of methane and carbon dioxide emissions from the natural gas supply chain Dr Paul Balcombe Imperial College London United Kingdom
2   Innovative solutions for abating methane emissions in gas networks Jesus Manuel Gil Jimenez Enagas Spain
2   VOC measurements by IR cameras: Operational boundaries and model estimations Dr John Korsman DCMR environmental protection agency Netherlands
212:40-13:45Lunch and Exhibition
2 13:45 - 14:10 Keynote : Industry needs Gerard Moutet OGCI France
Session 2: Current capabilities and case studies (Chair: Jan Liebetrau)
2 14:10 Fugitive CH4 emissions, and their source, detected from dissolved fluvial CH4 concentration profiling Porf Susan Waldron University of Glasgow United Kingdom
2   Application and validation of tracer dispersion method for quantifying fugitive methane emissions from landfills, wastewater treatment plants and biogas production Dr Jacob Mønster FORCE Technology Denmark
2   Differential Absorption LIDAR (DIAL) measurements of landfill methane emissions Dr Fabrizio Innocenti National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom
215:00-15:30Coffee and Exhibition
2 15:30 Quantification and Minimization of Methane Emissions in the Biogas Sector Dr Jan Liebetrau DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH Germany
2   Methods for Determination of Methane Emissions of the Gas Distribution Grid Charlotte Große DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH Germany
2   Identification and validation of methane sources using carbon-13 measurements Dr Rebecca Fisher Royal Holloway, University of London United Kingdom
2   A TSO proactive approach to cut down methane emissions Francis Bainier GRTgaz France
216:40 - 18:00Drinks reception/Posters

PEFTEC 2017 Day2
Industrial Methane Measurement Conference Programme - Day2
Room Time Title Speaker Company Country
2 09:30-09:50 Opening keynote: State of knowledge on emissions: current and future Adam Brandt Stanford University United States
Session 3: Validation of new technologies (Chair: Dave Lowry)
2 09:50 Validating methane measurement techniques Rod Robinson National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom
2   Validation of fugitive methane fluxes using unmanned aerial vehicles Dr Grant Allen University of Manchester United Kingdom
2   An Overview of the New Breed of Methane Sensor Technologies Prof Daniel Zimmerle Colorado State University United States
2   Field validation of a novel, near real-time methane monitoring system for vent and leak detection Matthew Williams & David Butterfield National Grid United Kingdom
211:00-11:30Coffee and Exhibition
Session 4: Instruments and technology (Chair: Thomas Roeckmann)
2 11:30 Methane source attribution: Methane and Ethane Analysis Using a portable Battery-powered Picarro Cavity Ring-down Spectrometer Dr Renato Winkler Picarro Inc Switzerland
2   Development of an Open-Path, Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy (LDS) for Methane Emissions Monitoring Dr Damien Weidmann MIRICO Ltd United Kingdom
2   A Novel Methane Imaging Camera for Fixed Installations Amir Gil CI Systems Israel
2   New sample cell technologies for mid infra red methane detection Dr Jane Hodgkinson Cranfield University United Kingdom
2   Biofraction determination of mixed biogenic and fossil methane samples through stable isotope analysis of 13CH4 and CH3D Dr Craig Richmond VTT Techincal Research Centre of Finland; Finland
212:50-14:00Lunch and Exhibition
Session 5: Emerging technologies (Chair: Steve Hamburg)
2 14:00 Monitoring Methane Leaks From Space Dylan Jervis GHGSat Canada
2   Applications and field results for Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging Prof Andreas Zinssmeister FLIR Germany
2   A new technique for detecting gas emissions and estimating the locations and mass emission rates of sources Dr Bill Hirst Shell Global Solutions International Netherlands
2   Quantification of methane emissions from industrial sites using statistical inversion and a local scale atmospheric transport model parameterized with tracer data Sébastien Ars LSCE France
215:10 Summary of event by Rod Robinson
Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Posters
ID Poster Title Presenter Company Country
27 Development and application of a Controlled Release Facility (CRF) to validate methane emission detection and measurement methodologies Jonathan Helmore National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom
28 Preconcentration of atmospheric methane for high-frequency isotopic measurement Chris Rennick National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom
29 Mobile Plume Mapping and Isotopic Measurment of Anthropogenic Methane Sources of Kuwait Aalia Alshalan Royal Holloway University of London United Kingdom
30 Methane source distribution in the complex landscapes of the United Kingdom: isotopic characterization, seasonal variation and inventory validation Dave Lowry Royal Holloway University of London United Kingdom
31 MEMO2: MEthane goes MObile - MEasurements and Modelling Dr Syliva Walter Utrecht University Netherlands
32 Estimate and measurement of methane losses from Gazprom process equipment Dr Gretta Akopova Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC Russian Federation
33 Isotopic composition of methane from exhausts of mines and gas fields in South Poland Dr Jaroslaw Necki AGH - University of Science and Technology Poland
34 Do you really know what's in your natural gas pipeline? Paul Stockwell Process Vision Ltd United Kingdom
35 Quantification of methane emissions from industrial sources using mobile optical techniques Prof Johan Mellqvist Chalmers University of technology Sweden
36 Methane measurements in monitoring biogas production and combustion Prof Ravi Fernandes Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) Germany
37 Comparative Review of Common Methane Measurement Methods Prof Daniel Zimmerle Colorado State University United States
38 Characterizing methane emissions from the global oil and gas supply chain: multi-scale field studies Daniel Zavala-Araiza Environmental Defense Fund United States
39 Baselining fugitive and vented emissions across Canadian energy developments Katlyn MacKay St. Francis Xavier University Canada
40 Measurements of emissions from natural gas grid M/R stations Magnus Andreas Holmgren RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Sweden