PEFTEC 2019 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Quantification of methane emissions from industrial sources using mobile optical techniques.
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Emerging technologies
Presenter Name: Prof Johan Mellqvist
Co-authors:Mr Jerker Samuelsson
Company/Organisation: Chalmers University of technology
Country: Sweden

Abstract Information :

In order to investigate how much small sources contribute to the VOC and methane concentrations in the Long Angeles metropolitan area a comprehensive emission study has been carried out on behalf of the South Coast Air Quality Management district (SCAQMD). VOC emissions, including methane, from refineries and small sources such as oil wells, petrol stations, oil depots, and oil platforms were measured using several unique mobile optical methods, including the Solar Occultation Flux Method (SOF) and tracer correlation technique. These two techniques are presently being standardized in Europe (CEN TC264, WG 38).The measurements in this study were quality assured by carrying out a controlled source gas release study and side by side measurements with several other techniques. During this presentation the techniques will be discussed, with focus on measuring methane and the main results from the field campaign will be shown.