PEFTEC 2019 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Measurements of emissions from natural gas grid M/R stations
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Emerging technologies
Presenter Name: Magnus Andreas Holmgren
Company/Organisation: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Country: Sweden

Abstract Information :

At RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) we have been doing measurements of methane emissions from biogas plants and gas upgrading plants for many years. These measurements have mainly been performed under the Voluntary Agreement system run by Swedish plants, but we have also been involved in research activities both nationally and internationally, presently we are part of the MetHarmo project aimed at harmonizing methane measurements and calculations from biogas plants. Together with Swedegas, the owner of the comparably small Swedish natural gas grid, we have developed methods to detect leaks and measure emissions from M/R stations and valve stations. Cost effectiveness has been a key issue. Our methods are performed on-site which gives the operator valuable information on the size of emissions from different parts of the station. Swedegas are setting up a scheme to have all their M/R and valve stations measured within a 3-5 year period.