PEFTEC 2019 Call for Papers

Call to submit abstracts for Oral Presentations and Posters at the “Laboratory and Process Analysis and Control Developments” Conferences to be held at PEFTEC on the 22nd – 23rd May 2019

If you would like to submit a paper, please visit The Abstract Submission Page and submit your abstract by the 30th of November.

PEFTEC 2019 is a focused International Conference and Exhibition specialising in all aspects of monitoring and analysis within Petroleum, Refining and Environmental applications. Building on the success of previous events, PEFTEC offers visitors and delegates an extensive conference and seminar programme provided by internationally renowned experts. The technical programme is complemented by a major exhibition featuring product and service providers from around the world representing over 250 companies.

Accurate analytical and monitoring data is essential for safe and efficient process control, product quality, regulatory compliance, risk management and for informed decision making so for PEFTEC 2019 we will be significantly expanding the analytical conference to include all areas of laboratory, at-line/on-line process analytical technology (PAT) and control developments

Over the 2 days of the Conference both the laboratory and process analysis sessions will run in parallel and delegates will be free to move between each session to cover their areas of interest. The organisers will theme the sessions with a view to minimising subject overlap.

We are also planning to hold a session based around “Big Data” and the application of data analysis techniques to exploit the significant volume of data now generated by modern analytical techniques both in the laboratory and on-line.

We welcome submissions from academia, industry practitioners and technology suppliers and are interested in novel developments, applications and case studies in all areas but especially in:-

Laboratory Techniques

Automation of Chemical Analysis, Physical Testing and Sample Preparation

Accurate Mass and High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Molecular and Elemental Spectrosopy

Multidimensional and Comprehensive Separation Science

Hyphenated Techniques


Field Based analysis

Alternative approaches to conventional techniques.


Process Analysis and Control

On-Line Chromatography and Spectroscopy

Developments in the areas of PAT for Process 4.0 and their implementation in the industry

Data fusion of PAT with other plant and analytical data for optimisation of plant parameters

Use of cloud computing for PAT data analysis and standardisation

Novel types of PAT sensors (Technologies, Robustness, Sensitivity, Wireless Connectivity and Miniaturisation)

Plant PAT sensor networks and swarm interaction

Inferential Measurement


Data Analysis and Big Data

Big Data, Smart Data and Big Analysis

Machine Learning

Mathematical and Statistical Analysis techniques and applications

Combining data from multiple sources to deliver new insight


If you would like to submit a paper, please visit The Abstract Submission Page and submit your abstract by the 30th of November.