We are looking for seminar and poster presentations for new developments in all areas relevant to PEFTEC but are particularly interested in the following application areas:

Focus Analytical

  • Advancement in Petroleomics: Chromatography, Spectroscopy, Thermal & Elemental analysis
  • Analytical challenges in addressing new generation Fuel/Feedstocks and renewables
  • Automation in analysis, hyper-fast or rapid technologies
  • Chemometric applications in big data analysis/ Digitalization
  • Comprehensive technology (2D GC, 2D LC) applications for supporting refineries, steam cracking, fast pyrolysis, scale-up, fouling etc.
  • Emerging technologies
  • Green Energy (H2, Methane etc)
  • High-resolution mass spectrometry and other novel detectors
  • Molecular characterization & Identifying 'Know-Unknown' chemicals
  • Renewables/ Recyclates Characterizations

Focus Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

  • Applications of PAT in process industries (petrochemical, chemical, alternative feedstocks, bio processing, sustainable products)
  • Development of chemometric methods and data analysis
  • Developments in the areas of PAT for Industry 4.0 and implementation in the industry
  • New developments in robust sampling of process fluids for reduced maintenance
  • Novel types of PAT sensors (Technologies, Robustness, Sensitivity, Wireless Connectivity and Miniaturisation)
  • On-Line Chromatography, Spectroscopy and others

The only criteria we will apply is that the proposed presentation is technology based, is novel and is not an overt sales presentation

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