Technical presentation on particulate matter continuous emissions monitoring systems

AMETEK LandAMETEK Land will deliver a technical presentation on “Choosing the right measurement technology for a PM-CEMS” at CEM India 2019. This will look at the physical principles underlying the most widely used PM measurement techniques and consider a wide variety of methods, such as commercial instruments employing transmissometry, laser light scattering, charge transfer and beta ray absorption, as well as instrument approvals and compliance with standards.  It will also demonstrate its range of high-accuracy opacity and particulate matter (PM) monitors, including the 4500 MkIII and new opacity monitor, soon to be released, which set the industry standards for compliance opacity and dust concentration monitoring. In addition, its portable gas analyser, the Lancom 4, which is capable of measuring up to eight flue gases in a range of combustion and emissions processes.  All systems have industrial applications in the power sector for improving process control, quality assurance and control and reduced life-cycle costs.