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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract

Abstract Title: Sensitive methane leak quantification using an active imaging approach
Presenter Name: Mr Max Bergau
Co-authors:Dr Benjamin Scherer
Prof Jrgen Wllenstein
Company/Organisation: Endress + Hauser
Country: Germany

Abstract Information :

An active gas camera is realized using an infrared camera synchronized with an interband cascade laser source at 3260 nm. The system is designed to stream concentration images ppmm in real time. A synchronization and registration with visible and depth data allows for easy leak localization. Reliability is assured by locking the lasers wavelength to the target absorption line and an algorithm that prevents false gas information by moving objects.rnrnThe setup yields yet, as a proof of concept, a poor measuring range in comparison to state-of-the-art gas cameras. On a metal background emissivity 50 measuring distances up to 10 m are shown. Current work is put into improving this drawback. On the other hand, the sensitivity is orders of magnitudes better than the ones from state-of-the-art gas cameras, as well as not being dependent on the temperature difference of gas and background. rnrnUsing this setup controlled 100-methane leaks are recorded with flows between 2 ml min and 50 ml min while the lower detection limit was set by the used mass flow controller not by the active gas camera. rnThese controlled gas flows are visualized and a quantification algorithm, based on optical flow and mass-line-integration is applied to this data. The results will be reported.rn

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