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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract

Abstract Title: New sensor platform brings TDLS principle to various portable CH4 applications
Presenter Name: Mr Martin Endras
Company/Organisation: Axetris AG
Country: Switzerland

Abstract Information :

Our brand new LGD Compact sensor module allows the measurement of CH4, based on contact-less, near-infrared absorption. rnThe use of the TDLS Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry principle ensures stable, selective and sensitive measurements of methane in ambient air. rnrnThe presentation will focus on the TDLS principle and its utilisation in applications around CH4 measurement, like:rn- Leak Detection: portable instruments, static measurement stations, vehicle-mountedrn- Environmental amp; Climate Monitoring: landfill, greenhouse gases, biogas, livestockrnrnThe sensor modules come with a flow-through cell set-up for extractive measurements and are self-contained, ready-to-use. The proprietary lock-in technology as well as the onboard digital signal processing unit runs algorithms compensating drift phenomena and providing reliable and stable measurements over time as well as enhanced detectivity. The OEM modules include an analog and digital data interface as well as digital outputs for state-of-the art industrial connectivity. Low maintenance during operation and long lifetime provide customers with exceptional low cost of ownership and make the LGD Compact series the ideal solution for CH4 sensing applications.rnrn

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