Methane Conference 2019

Industrial Methane Measurement Conference 2019 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Neutral red mediated microbial production of methane and insight by micro-fluidics
Presenter Name: Mrs Priyanka Srivastava
Company/Organisation: University of New South Wales
Country: Australia

Abstract Information :

Natural gas accounted for 25% of the primary energy source in Australia in 2015-16 and about 34% of this natural gas is produced from coal seam reservoirs (APPEA, 2018). Microbial production of methane nowadays is the main area of research interest. Methanogens and syntrophic bacteria play a major role in decomposing hydrocarbons present in environment to produce methane. Decomposition of organic matter and production of methane are the results of multiple redox reactions carried out by different communities of bacteria but that actually can be manipulated by adding neutral red. Almost zero moles of acetate was consumed by methanogens which results in no production of methane, this indicates that methanogenic archaea in the coal seam water was not active. However 20µmoles of methane were produced in presence of 250µM of neutral red and 5-10 µmoles of methane was produced with no neutral red. Microcosms containing neutral red indicated that neutral red played a major role by supporting the growth of the methanogens and syntrophic bacteria which results in production of methane. In FTIR analysis, four spectra from the image indicated the change in chemistry in neutral red treated coal samples across these regions: 1006.84 to1029.18 cm-1, 1445.9 to 1434.34 cm-1, 1596.65 to 1602.06 cm-1 and 2915.2-2917.82 cm-1. Growth of neutral red crystals were observed in 20-23 µm sized channels and bacteria were also observed on the coal surface by SEM