Conference videos from previous editions of PEFTEC

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Applying different thermal introduction methods on the same mass spectrometer for a comprehensive chemical investigation of heavy fuel oil

Uwe Kafer
Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen

Direct insertion probe high-resolution mass spectrometry for the rapid chemical description of petroleum heavy ends - Analysis of vacuum gas oils, bitumen, and asphaltenes

Christopher Paul Ruger
University of Rouen

High-resolution MS coupled to Photoionization-GCxGC for Petrochemicals Characterization

Anupam Giri

Simplifying GCxGC - streamlined software for fast characterization of petrochemicals

Aaron Parker
SepSolve Analytical

Moisture Analysis via Gas Chromatography with BID in Petroleum and Petroleum Products

Yusuke Takemori
Shimadzu Corporation

Distillation D86 by fast GC whole sample analysis

Walter Spieksma

Fast Analysis of Non-Traditional Gasoline Additives with Gas Chromatography - Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy

Ryan Schonert
VUV Analytics

How You Can Now Learn More from Your Analytical Chemistry Data and See Inside the Black Box of Machine Learning Tools

Phil Kay
SAS Institute

Supercritical fluid chromatography, mass spectrometry and petrochemistry

John Langley
Southampton University

Separation and detection of fuel components in gasoline gum content (IP 131; ASTM D381) by utilising UHPSFC-MS

Andreas Panagiotopoulos
University of Southampton

Efficient and profitable combustion-based organic elemental analysis - C/N/S/Cl determination from ultra-trace till wt-contents

Angela Groebel
Analytik Jena

Ultra Low P, S, Cl Analysis in Liquids with a versatile Benchtop WDXRF Spectrometer

Wolfgang Klock

Quantification of Trace Elements in Naphtha by ICP-OES

Sebastian Wuenscher
Analytik Jena

Environmental and Petrochemical Applications of Ultra-High Resolution FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry

Ryan P. Rodgers
Florida State University

Advances in on-line process analysis for the petrochemical industry

Alison Norden
University of Strathclyde

Combination of OFCEAS Spectroscopy and Low Pressure sampling, for ppb measurement of trace gases in hydrocarbons (H2S,NH3,H2O, etc.)

Etienne Smith

Carrier-Gas-Free GC BTEX Analyser The New Frontier for Real-Time Monitoring of Aromatics

Carlo Bruno
Pollution Analytical Equipment

Tunable laser C1-C5 analyzer for process control

Pawel Kluczynski

Advanced remote sensing solutions accommodating petrochemical/chemical industrial monitoring needs and challenges based on field analysis

Gilad Shpitzer
Atmosfir Optics

Gas standards and test methods for measuring relevant impurities in biogas and biomethane

Ewelina Zalewska
VSL Dutch Metrology Institute

Modeling Methane Number for Combustion Optimization

Larry McDermott
MKS Instruments

On-line measurement of the Biomethane energy, quality and odorization by one dedicated 19" rack MicroGC

Ronan Cozic
SRA Instruments

Allotrope: Get more insights from your analytical data - Implementation examples from Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography

Henning Kayser
Bayer Business Services

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