PEFTEC 2019 - Exhibitor - Environnement Process & Analyse

Environnement Process & Analyse (EPA) provides high technology gas analyzers for mostly VOC compounds but also permanent gases
We sell but also rent a wide range of gas analyzers (Gas chromatograph with 8 points multisequencer for Benzene or BTEX low conc. analysis ) or continuous PID or FID analyzers with multipoint sequencer as option.
Our range of gas generators are also available for short, mid and long term rental.


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Products on Display at PEFTEC

the brand new GC9200 dedicated to mudlogging and drilling companies two instruments in one : one GC dedicated to C1-C5 in less than 30 seconds preserving the C1:C2 separation at 200:1 concentration ratio as well as a continuous Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer( THA) for an up to 100% CH4 eq. HC analysis.

GC 9100 fitted with either PID or HS(High sensitivity) PID for monitoring Benzene / BTEX at low and ultra low concentrations (ppt/ppb/ppm) WITHOUT PRECONCENTRATOR

FID9000 for VOCs and Total Hydrocarbon analyzer (THA) monitoring in ambient air or process applications down to 10 ppb and up to 100% CH4 eq.

H2_300 Low cost Hydrogen (H2) gas generator for both lab and proces GCs

ZA100 Low cost zero Air Generator

PIDTech miniature PID gas sensor with 5 range to choose from 0,5 ppb up to 10,000 ppm

AIRCOV Wireless VOCs gas analyzer for either indoor or outdoor (Fenceline) with onboard data recording and autonomous use( Battery/solar panel kit)

AIRCOV-B is a low size continuous PID gas detector with 4-20 mA output, 2 x alarm relays and onboard data storage (via uSD) and USB port for data collection

COMP Portable GC to bring the lab analysis on the field with compact GC able to fit 2 x separate detectors, liquid or gas injection, one or two onbaord analytical columns, oven heat up to 300°C, onboard computer with powerful dedicated software and automatic sampling pump with heated 10 port injection valve.

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