PEFTEC 2015 - Exhibitor - Galvanic Applied Sciences

Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc. is a developer, manufacturer and international distributor of gas and liquid process-analysis and measurement equipment for various processing industries, worldwide. With more than 20 year's developing a full line of rugged, custom-tailored process analysis and measurement systems, our analyzers and components deliver uncompromising accuracy and reliability, even in the most challenging environments.

We work with our clients to tailor each system to meet their site-specific process requirements and to provide unparalleled support through installation, training, and long-term product maintenance. That is why our clients - from "major multinationals to small organizations" keep coming back: they trust Galvanic. Why? Because of our unwavering attention to detail, our precision in applications know-how and our commitment to high-quality standards sets us a part from the others.

A private company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with an office and facility in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA, Galvanic works closely with an international network of dedicated technical service technicians, distributors and sales team to serve the needs of new and existing customers. Measure the difference with Galvanic Applied Sciences.


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Products on Display at PEFTEC

Sentinel Online Colorimeter and Titrator
Monitek Turbidity Meter
Nametre Viscocity Meter

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