PEFTEC 2021 - Analytical Conference

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Anupam Giri

"Message from the PEFTEC Conference Chairman"

SABIC Lead Scientist

PEFTEC is back with a virtual 2-days event on 24th and 25th of November 2021. The program includes keynote lectures, presentations and panel discussion by renowned professors, scientists and industrial technologists from around the globe. Topics covers emerging industrial/instrumental innovations and developments in the field of laboratory and process analysis within the Petroleum, Petrochemical, Chemical and Refining Industries. This year particular emphasis are given to “Analytics and Processes towards – Recycling and Renewables”. The Conference will cover broad aspects of Analytical Challenges in Petroleomics covering Separation Science, Spectroscopy, Thermal & Elemental Analysis; Innovative and high-throughput processes for recycling and so on. In addition, a short-course on GC×GC will be conducted to introduce this powerful separation tool to the beginners, highlighting the fundamentals as well as applications on exploring the petro-chemistry. The program will allow Industry-Institute-Individuals-Interaction in this field and to learn the latest updates on the developments and future needs from each other. Students, academic researchers, industrial technologists and process developers will be highly benefitted from this conference in understanding the current status and in re-defining the scope of Analytics in near future in the field of Petroleomics.

Day 1 - 24th November 2021

* Please note all the presentation times are show in Central European Time(CET)

Time (CET) Presentation Speaker Bio Company
Session 1: GC×GC (Chair: Frank David)
09:30 Opening    
09:35 Keynote lecture: Designing High Resolution Separations for Enhanced Characterisation of Petrochemical Samples Philip Marriott Philip Marriott Monash University
10:35 Quantitative analysis of hydrocarbons in Gas oils by Two-dimensional Comprehensive Gas Chromatography with Vacuum Ultraviolet Detection Aleksandra Lelevic Aleksandra Lelevic IFP Energies nouvelles
10:55 Unravelling the composition of olefin oligomerization products using GCGC-PI-TOFMS Yun Zou Yun Zou University of Liege
11:15 Unlocking Heavies for In-depth Characterization using Pyrolysis 2D GC-HR-TOFMS Eric Brander Eric Brander sabic
11:35 Q&A      
Break (11:50 - 12:05)
Session 2: Mass spectrometry (Chair: Christopher P. Rüger)
12:05 Comprehensive chemical description of pyrolysis chars from low-density polyethylene LDPE by thermal analysis hyphenated to different mass spectrometric approaches Lukas Friederici Lukas Friederici University of Rostock
12:25 DART Mass Spectrometry and Petrochemicals: A Different Perspective on Familiar Samples Robert Cody Robert Cody JEOL
12:45 Molecular cartography of a mixed plastic pyrolysis oil from municipal wastes by direct infusion Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Charlotte Mase Charlotte Mase Normandie Université
13:05 Q&A      
Lunch Break (13:20 - 13:50)
Lunch break Sponsored presentation
Session 3: Spectroscopy, Thermal & Elemental (Chair: Edo Becker)
13:50 Use of 13C NMR combined to chemometrics for the prediction of the viscosity index of base oils: application to catalysts ranking Marion Lacoue-Nègre Marion Lacoue-Nègre IFP Energies nouvelles
14:10 Quantitative analysis of the mixed plastic waste Raeid Sadeq Raeid Sadeq sabic
14:30 Thermo-rheological analysis of LLDPE-LDPE blends Girish Galgali Girish Galgali Borouge
14:50 Q&A      
Break (15:05-15:20)
Short course-GC×GC: Day 1- Fundamentals (15:20-16:20) (Chair: Melissa Dunkle)
  Fundamentals of GCXGC Pierre-Hugues Stefanuto Pierre-Hugues Stefanuto University of Liege
  Data evaluation/ Chemometrics Benedikt Weggler Benedikt Weggler CYNORA

Day 2 - 25th November 2021

* Please note all the presentation times are show in Central European Time(CET)

Time (CET) Presentation Speaker Bio Company
Session 1: Recycling (Chair: Anton Ginzburg)
09:30 Opening      
09:35 Keynote lecture: A Reflection on Circular Economy of Polyolefins: Analytical Challenges, new Feedstock and new Value chains Maria Soliman Maria Soliman sabic
10:35 Comprehensive analytics for screening waste streams Beate Gruber Beate Gruber basf
10:55 Using GC-VUV for the Evaluation of Pyrolysis Oils from Mixed Waste Plastics Melissa Dunkle Melissa Dunkle Dow
11:15 Improved characterization of malodours from recycled plastics using TD–GC×GC–TOF MS Laura McGregor Laura McGregor sepsolve
11:35 Q&A      
Break (11:50 - 12:05)
Session 2: Instrumental/ method development (Chair: Beate Gruber)
12:05 Recent Micro GC developments in out-of-lab and process applications Coen Duvekot Coen Duvekot Agilent
12:25 Insight into the isomeric diversity of the pyrolysis bio-oil components Jasmine Hertzog Jasmine Hertzog TotalEnergies
12:45 A Platform Approach to Fuels Analysis and Certification Dan Wispinski Dan Wispinski VUV Analytics
13:05 Q&A      
Lunch Break (13:20 - 13:50)
Short course-GC×GC: Day 2- Petrochemical applications and Data evaluation (13:50 - 14:50) (Chair: Melissa Dunkle)
  Diverse detection techniques in GCXGC Melissa Dunkle Melissa Dunkle Dow
  Petrochemical applications Anupam Giri Anupam Giri sabic
Break (14:50-15:05)
Panel discussion-Plastic recycling & Petrochemistry Challenges (Chair: Christopher Rüger / Melissa Dunkle)
15:05 Panel Discussion Maria Soliman Maria Soliman sabic
Lars Meyer Lars Meyer basf
Matthijs Ruitenbeek Matthijs Ruitenbeek Dow
Volodymyr Palchyk Volodymyr Palchyk Fraunhofer
Jules Magain Jules Magain TotalEnergies
16:05 Closing Conference