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Abstract Title: Unravelling the composition of olefin oligomerization products using GCGC-PI-TOFMS
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Comprehensive technology 2D GC, 2D LC applications
Presenter Name: Dr Yun Zou
Co-authors:Dr Pierre-Hugues Stefanuto
Dr Mariarosa Maimone
Dr Marcel Janssen
Prof Jean-Franois Focant
Company/Organisation: University of Liege
Country: Belgium

Abstract Information :

Olefin oligomerization is a process widely used to produce fuels and chemicals. Light olefins, C2-5, are the common feedstocks. Acidic and metal-based catalysts are universally applied in this process. In this study, the composition of dodecene products produced from different feedstocks and catalysts is investigated by applying two-dimensional gas chromatography GC GC coupled photoionization PI - time of flight mass spectrometry TOFMS. The distribution of olefin congeners, dodecene structural subgroups, and dodecene isomers were used to differentiate the feedstocks and catalysts by machine learning assisted analysis.rnThe catalysts, solid phosphoric acid SPA and zeolite, are distinguished by the dodecene structural subgroup composition. Zeolite produced more linear dodecenes and SPA produced more highly branched dodecenes. The feedstocks, C3, C4, C3+C4, and C3+C9, are partially differentiated by the dodecene isomer composition. C3 and C3+C9 feedstocks produced dodecenes do not have significant difference on the composition. While C4-containing feedstocks showed significant difference on the composition of dodecene structural subgroups and dodecene isomers from the C4-not-containing feedstocks. The important features selected from dodecene isomers are used to predict the feedstock composition of unknown samples.rn