PEFTEC - Abstract

Abstract Title: Refinery Fenceline Open Path Monitoring AB1647, Lessons Learned
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Emerging technologies
Presenter Name: Mr Gilad Shpitzer
Company/Organisation: Atmosfir Optics
Country: Israel

Abstract Information :

California’s Open Path Monitoring AB1647, refinery fenceline monitoring programs have been implemented, and quarterly data reports have been submitted. To meet the high technical requirements and challenging deadlines, refineries and their monitoring teams have applied various advanced monitoring technologies from several vendors. Refineries installed fenceline measurement systems that interface with public websites. These sites enable the public to learn about the monitoring programs, review the collected data, and receive real-time alerts.

Based on the published quarterly reports, we can now evaluate the installed systems based on actual performance compared to the goals of the rule and its associated guidance. A great deal can be learned by examination of the detection limits achieved by the various systems and the effectiveness of the initial data validation practices. This examination will help determine the acceptability of the data collected so far, whether improvements are needed, and how they can be implemented in future fenceline monitoring programs.