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Abstract Title: Distillation (ASTM D86): Recent Changes and an In-Depth Study of a New Hydrocarbon Synthetic Standard
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Other
Presenter Name: Mrs Cindy Klager
Co-authors:Dr Raj Shah
Mr Rahat Ullah
Mr Gary Lew
Company/Organisation: Koehler Instrument Company
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

The ASTM D86 test method discusses the distillation of various petroleum products in atmospheric conditions using a simple batch distillation. The downside of this method is that it requires the operator to manually extract between 100-300 mL of the sample, insert it into the chamber and run the procedure which could take longer than two hours. Recent discussion for changes to ASTM D86 involve safe and logistical concerns. The currently used Mercury thermometer is undergoing a possible change to a Gallium thermometer and the chilling requirement for Group 1 fuels may be removed. Additional changes are mostly in regards to revision of the precision statements. In addition, a study determining the precision of higher level biodiesel blends (B30) by the ISO 3405 distillation method was conducted and concluded with promising results. The study showed similar precision therefore, ISO 3405 can be applied to distillate fuels containing up to 30% biodiesel. The next steps are to harmonize D86 with ISO 3405 by expanding its scope to include these fuels. A joint ruggedness study for D86 reference fuels and gallium thermometers is set to begin in 2019. We anticipate that the studies will lead to the replacement of the mercury thermometers in the method, and the addition of distillate fuels containing up to 30% biodiesel to the scope of the method. Currently toluene is used a verification fluid for calibration. Hexadecane is used at higher temperatures. At the request of the D86 ASTM committee new synthetic hydrocarbon calibration standards are being developed for the method. These standards will cover a wider range than the current toluene. This poster deals with the development and preliminary tests of these standards as well as the aforementioned updates.