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Abstract Title: Data management and remote control with Grabner's COCKPIT TM Software for Vision analyzers
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Other
Seminar Time: Wednesday : Room 7 - 11.00 - 11.30
Presenter Name: Ms Katharina Gugler
Company/Organisation: Grabner Instruments
Country: Austria

Abstract Information :

The COCKPITTM Software for Vision analyzers is a Java EE application for data management and remote control of measurement instruments of the Grabner Instruments Vision platform. The graphical user interface – based on Java FX – is designed for the usage on portable devices and personal computers. A consistently implemented client-server architecture and individual master records located on each measurement instrument guarantees unambiguous data management via several COCKPITTM applications as well as into different data-bases. The client-server architecture also guarantees that analyzers are always fully operational even in the absence of a connection to COCKPITTM. Due to its flexible connectivity e.g. via internet, the COCKPITTM Software for Vision analyzers can be used without any restriction regarding the location of the instrument. In addition to data management, COCKPITTM Software for Vision analyzers offers remote service, instrument calibration, template generation, user management, easy software updates and statistical quality control (SQC).