Reagent Grade Water Generation System

The UPVA-5 Water Purification System from Livam GmbH is designed for production of ultra-pure non-pyrogenic reagent grade water with a very low content of inorganic, organic or colloidal contaminants. It combines pre-treatment filters, RO and distillation unit.

With dimensions of 424 x 417 x 454 mm the system can be placed on a horizontal surface or mounted to a wall. The UPVA-5 Water Purification System has the capacity to deliver Type II water at 5 l/h, with 0.8-1.0 µS/cm electrical conductivity of distillate directly from tap water.

The system has been designed with safety needs and compliance with existing directives in mind. Water level is automatically controlled in evaporation chamber. The demountable design of condensation chambers allows visual inspection of scale formation, easy sediment cleaning, easy maintenance and repair. A CO2 degassing system ensures optimal ion exchange. The distillate cooler is built-in. 

The robust body and main parts are made of high-alloy stainless steel AISI 321 and the power connection cable with a shockproof plug. A standard set includes a spare heating element, spare electrode of the water level sensor, supply water hoses and distillate collection hoses and connecting clamps.

UPVA can also be combined with a purified water tank into an automatically operating single system.