CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Study on the uncertainty components on the CEMS testing and calibration facility
Presenter Name: Dr Radhakrishnan Soman Radha
Co-authors:Dr Rupesh M Das
Mrs Smriti Tiwari
Company/Organisation: CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, Dr. K.S.Krishnan Road, New Delhi
Country: India

Abstract Information :

CSIR-National Physical laboratory (the National Metrology Institute of India) is designated as a “verification agency for air pollution monitoring equipment” through a gazette notification issued by Govt. of India. In view of this, CSIR-NPL has developed a national level certification framework named as CSIR-NPL-India Certification Scheme (NPL-ICS). The NPL-ICS framework not only improves the data quality but also provide a complete and cost-effective solution for test, calibration, and certification to the manufacturers of Air Monitoring Systems (AMS). In order to provide the testing, calibration, and certification services to the AMS manufacturers, CSIR-NPL is also developing the calibration and testing facility to cater the needs of NPL-ICS scheme. This facility will be a first of its kind in the south east Asian region. During the developing stage of this facility, a detailed analysis of the uncertainty components of the FTIR gas measurement part has been performed. The various possible uncertainty components like long-term and short-term uncertainty, various parameters of FTIR such as optical path length, pressure, temperature, resolution, wavelength shift etc. are used for the uncertainty budget calculation. This analysis provided confidence in performance testing of equipment like Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Continuous Air Quality Monitoring Systems (CAAQMS) etc. under different environmental conditions.