CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: On the development of a methodology for the quantification of per- and polyfluoroalkyl compounds (PFAS) in flue gasses
Presenter Name: Dr Jelle Hofman
Co-authors:Dr Patrick Berghmans
Dr Griet Jacobs
Prof Stefan Voorspoels
Dr Gert Otten
Mr Bart Baeyens
Company/Organisation: VITO
Country: Belgium

Abstract Information :

As the Flemish reference laboratory for environmental analyses and measurements, VITO represents the link between the Flemish government and the environmental laboratories in Belgium. In response to recent findings of elevated per- and polyfluoroalkyl compounds (PFAS) levels in different environmental media, VITO was asked by the government to develop a compendium method for the quantification of PFAS in flue gasses. From 2021 onwards, VITO started gaining practical experience with the OTM-45 methodology, published by EPA, in combination with the existing compendium method for the quantification of PFAS via LC-MS/MS (WAC/IV/A/025 ). VITO conducted emission measurements of 50 different compounds on different stacks and industries in Flanders and gained initial experience on PFAS concentration levels, composition and potential impacts of gas scrubbing. In collaboration with other environmental laboratories, VITO adapted the OTM-45 methodology and validated the proposed compendium method in order to arrive at a scientifically sound and supported methodology for the quantification of PFAS (>C4, boiling point >100°C) in ducted gas streams. This presentation will outline the methodology, the development process towards the compendium method, encountered issues along the way and conducted lab and field validation tests.