CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Monitoring strategy to characterize atmospheric fallout from industrial facilities emissions
Presenter Name: Ms Jessica QUERON
Co-authors:Ms Virginie MIGNE-FOUILLEN
Prof Théo CLAUDE
Company/Organisation: INERIS
Country: France

Abstract Information :

In 2022, Ineris published a new version of the French guide "Monitoring in the air around classified facilities - fallout of atmospheric emissions, impacts of human activities on the environment". This national guide provides not only the methodology to define the pollutant to be followed, the metrology to be implemented, the choice of locations and the period of measurements, but also the approach for interpreting the results of the measurement campaigns. Case studies have been added as an appendix to make this guide more educational about commonly encountered situations. The objective of environmental monitoring is to obtain measurement results that will allow, through measurement campaigns set up outside of accidental situations, to determine if local fallout of current atmospheric emissions from a specific site presents a risk to the environment or the exposure of populations. Atmospheric fallout from industrial facilities emissions is made up of gases or particles that remain in suspension in ambient air (air concentrations) and/or settle on integrating environmental compartments (soil, plants, surface water) in direct contact with the atmosphere (atmospheric deposition). This fallout, depending on the substances and use of media, may potentially lead to population exposure, either directly (inhalation) or indirectly through the consumption of accumulating environmental matrices (ingestion).