CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Monitoring and reporting of flow and quality of CO2 from a carbon capture plant
Presenter Name: Mr Peter Blinksbjerg
Co-authors:Mr Troels Skov Moestrup
Mr Kenneth Vindum
Company/Organisation: 12plus30
Country: Denmark

Abstract Information :

Throughout the whole of Europe countries and companies focus on initiating and implementing projects in the Green Transition. None mentioned – none forgotten. Also, in Denmark several activities are taken place, especially if looking into Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS). Huge projects on production of e-methanol and/or e-kerosene are planned, permanent storage sites are under development, and several Carbon Capture plants are under planning at several stationary sources. These activities lead to the need for the possibility to establish regional or national clusters to corporate on transportation and distribution of hydrogen and CO2. When all these activities come into reality, CO2 will become a commodity, and for that purpose the quality (purity and biogenic/fossil - ratio) and quantity (flow and pressure) has to be measured and reported with a well defines quality. Furthermore, it is foreseen that an international infrastructure will develop, which also will require solid reporting system(s). This project will develop quality assurance procedures for both measuring and reporting (DAHS) procedures, using a Waste to Energy plant as the major example, possibly also including a cement production plant as another example. Currently no general requirements for the quality of the CO2 gas produced from carbon capture facility are established. Requirements for CO2, which are used in the food industry, exist today, but these requirements do not take into account potential impurities in CO2 collected during the incineration of e.g. solid waste. Future requirements for the purity of CO2 from energy-producing plants will also depend on the application for which the CO2 gas is to be used (e.g. PtX fuels or permanent storage). There are a number of specific but different requirement specifications from companies that work with permanent storage of CO2 . However, it has not yet been clarified what the individual plant will be faced with in terms of requirements for impurities in the CO2 gas. It is therefore important to prepare systems for controlling the quality of the product gas. The system for data handling and reporting shall support the needs and recommendations from the activities mentioned in the beginning of this abstract. The purpose of the project is to define and build a system for monitoring, quality assurance, management and reporting of CO2 produced for a common pipeline infrastructure. The methodology is exemplified on a CO2 gas produced on a carbon capture plant with special focus on quantities and quality. The target is a specific proposed solution to the above useable as a de facto standard and demonstrated and documented throughout the project. Environmental reporting and management/quality assurance of environmental data is a core process, which is essential for all major energy-producing facilities. This project enables us to expand existing reporting products and management of data from energy producing plants, and shall be proven as an important reporting tool for documenting CO2 emission reductions in EU's Emission Trading System (ETS). Project partners: FORCE Technology, Olicem, Evida, KVVT, Aalborg Portland