CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Determination of renewable energy portion and biogenic carbon directly from stack exhaust gas
Presenter Name: Dr Gerhard Kahr
Company/Organisation: Genius5 Instruments GmbH
Country: Austria

Abstract Information :

Mixed fuels (mixture of biogenic/fossil) become more and more important in Energy production because “Provisional deal of renewable energy directive” (press release 30th March 2023) requires the increase of renewable fuels use. Increase of renewable Energy production can be measured with the parameter biogenic/fossil fraction. EN ISO 13833:2012 uses the combination of velocity proportional sampling and C14 measurement to evaluate the biogenic/fossil ratio with the result % PMC. According ASTM D6866:2022, 100% PMC = 100% biogenic in the year 2023. Biogenic content in municipal waste varies, dependent on amount of plastic fraction. We have found results from 50 – 70% (comparing different plants), +-5% or +-1% variation in same plant over the year. Therefor representative longterm sampling is required to increase result accuracy, for best quality of result, 10-12 data points per year. It is discussed, how to use a combination of longterm & velocity proportional sampling system with C14 measurement, based on ISO EN 13833, to evaluate the biogenic/fossil ratio as well as the emission value tons fossil CO2/year. With 2 examples we will present operation experiences of Clients by using the PmCTrace system. It will be calculated and discussed , the perfect sample volume and the quality assurance steps for the sample preparation, after the sampling has been finished. As a requirement for representative sampling, changes in sampling report will be shown. Starting with the storage USB stick in 2012, in year 2023 the sampling data are transferred automatically to Schneider-Electric Ecostruxure-machine-adviser network with 4G modem. Making the sampling more reliable and traceable.