CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Best practice: Emission control and peace of mind. Exemplary shown for a biogas plant
Presenter Name: Mr Jaime Aguado Muñoz
Company/Organisation: Phiana MFM S.L.
Country: Spain

Abstract Information :

To know the composition of air pollutants released into the atmosphere at stack outlet of a biogas plant using combustion engines is indispensable to assess and control the environmental impact of the plant operation. Similarly, it is important to analyze the composition of fuel to assess information about the composition of biogas for further processing in the environment data reporting system (DAHS).

To analyze the biogas composition and emissions generated in a biogas plant located in Murcia, Spain, an ULTRAMAT 23 analyzer was used to measure the biogas composition as well as stack emissions. The ULTRAMAT 23 is a powerful, intuitive and user-friendly measurement device. It can continuously measure up to three infra-red sensitive gases plus oxygen and H2S. In the above-mentioned case, for biogas, a configuration with two infrared-sensitive gases (CO2 and CH4), plus O2 and H2S with electrochemical measuring cells was used. For the emission monitoring system, the ULTRAMAT 23 can measure CO and NO in certified ranges starting from 50 mg/m3. The lowest possible SO2 certified range is 70 mg/m3.

The installation of the SITRANS Analyzer Intelligence Director IQ (SITRANS AID IQ) software ensures a continuous reliable control over the ULTRAMAT 23 analyzer where its availability is critically important, as it is used for emissions control and thus must comply with all legal and environmental requirements.

SITRANS AID IQ is fulfilling the idea of a predictive maintenance of Siemens analyzers. The software monitors connected devices with the aim to find any anomalies that may lead to a potential failure in the future – which is a challenge with any analyzer. In case of event detection, users get the relevant information e.g. about a specific part and can easily perform any actions required to eliminate of the anomaly – for example exchange a part that will be responsible for the failure – before the real failure happens. The software allows to access identification data, measured values and diagnostics parameters. Wide range of functions are available, such as an overview of all connected devices with their tag name, health status and most relevant data. With all the functionalities and advantages that the SITRANS AID IQ software provides a plant owner gets the maximum availability and consequently an optimal control of pollutants.