PEFTEC - Abstract

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Abstract Title: Supplying your GC using Peak gas generators - safe, reliable and convenient
Abstract Type: seminar
Session Choice: Analytical Techniques:Separation Science
Presenter Name: Dr Ed Connor
Company/Organisation: Peak Scientific
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

As helium prices remain high and the price of petroleum remains low, labs are increasingly looking for ways to reduce overheads whilst maintaining productivity and analytical performance. Use of hydrogen and nitrogen as alternatives to helium carrier gas offers labs a cost-effective gas source that can be produced safely by gas generators.

Peak's precision generator range can provide all the gases required for both carrier gas and detector gases. This modular, stackable solution can cater for supply of a number of GCs simultaneously, providing a reliable, consistent quality of gas with round-the-clock availability, without impacting on precious laboratory space. The low stored volume of gas within the generators makes them an ideal solution for remote locations where safety and reliability are paramount.

This presentation will highlight the advantages of hydrogen and nitrogen generators over cylinders, with hydrogen generated safely from deionised water via PEM electrolysis and nitrogen produced from compressed air via pressure swing adsorption. As well as illustrating the benefits of these alternatives to helium carrier gas for GC analysis, examples of conversion of hydrogen and nitrogen carrier gas from helium will be given.